The Plagiarism Checker

Audience: Students, Teachers, Professional Writers, School Districts

Description: The easiest to use plagiarism finding tool on the web. Trusted by over 1,500,000 users since 2002.

Help Bubble

Audience: Web Developers, Website Owners

Description: Add a free help system to your website just by pasting in some code in your footer.


Audience: General

Description: Create a poll amongst your friends in thirty seconds. No signup required.

.DOC Chaser

Audience: Job Seekers, Professionals, Students, Businesses

Description: Get notified when other people open your MS Word document, and track its progress.


Audience: Marketing Agencies, Businesses, Brands

Description: Run a mega-contest on Twitter.

Fam3 Icon Search

Audience: Web Developers

Description: Search engine for the infamous FamFamFam 16x16 icons.

This E-mail Will Self Destruct

Audience: General

Description: Send messages that disappear after they are opened - Mission Impossible style!

Prioritize My Work

Audience: Professionals

Description: Free tool to collaboratively prioritize your tasks with your boss.