dustball.com Projects by Brian Klug

The Plagiarism Checker

Over 20 Million Served

This plagiarism checker comes in two flavors; free and premium (for $8/month). Over 20,000 customers have successfully used the service to combat plagiarism.

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Reddit Pics Pro HD

Android Application

Shows picture from reddit as if they were local to your phone! The fastest and most streamlined reddit pic viewer since 2010.

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Android Application

Gping.io provides realtime tracking of your vehicle via a dedicated Android device and ODB adapter. Perfect for old Android phones with a cracked screen!

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Get a disposable phone number in seconds

No download required. Get an extra, disposable phone number to give out at bars, to strangers on Craigslist, or anywhere else you might need an extra phone number.

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Verificador De plagio

Spanish Version

Corte y pegue el papel de su estudiante o la asignación de tarea en el cuadro de abajo, y haga clic en el botón comprobar.

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Free 555 Numbers

The 555 Area Code is Real

Get a 555 Area Code Number Today! It's free and secure. Works just like SMS text messaging, but completely secure. Completely free 555 Number.

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Paper Cloud Checker

论文云检测 - 剽窃检测


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Extra Phone Number

Android Application

This is essentially the Android version of the disposable phone number service above.

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Classy Fireplace

Time to Get Cozy

Snuggle up to this fireplace with rain sounds and soothing jazz music.

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Writing Platform

MindSay's mission is to enable the writer within ourselves. Free accounts may setup a profile and comment on blogs. Paid accounts ($18/year) have access to MindSay's publishing platform.

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White Umbrella Studio

Hollywood Studio

White Umbrella Studio is a crew of aspiring actors, writiers, directors and crew. Our mission was to gain experience in the field while making comedy videos.

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Encrypted E-mail

Send encrypted e-mails with a client-side AES cipher. Nothing can break the password, so don't lose it.

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US SMS Presence for Expats

Get a US phone number in seconds. Only five dollars a month -- that's only 16 cents a day! You will be able to send & recieve up to 50 SMS messages a month, with no additional fees

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Beautiful Day Brian

I'll e-mail you in the morning if it's going to be a beautiful day.

Just imagine waking up with an e-mail telling you that today, for sure, is going to be full of sunshine and awesomeness. Not a perfectly beautiful day? No e-mail. Out of sight, out of mind.

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Private online chat - web & mobile friendly.

All messages encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption. Everything is realtime and messages are not stored on server. Powered by Socket.IO and node.js. Open Source.

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What can I buy with Bitcoins?

A realtime list of vendors that support Bitcoin. Use this to find out where to spend your bitcoins. Allows submissions.

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